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Founder Member of S.P.U in 2000.
Co/Founder & Label Management with Mid Wooder of Physical Records from 2009.
Co/Owner with K21 of SIN Records (Strangers In Night) from 2018.

After scouring of raves and dancefloors of Europe & America since the 90’s, Mik Izif has become Techno reference from underground scene.
Sounds heavy, percussive beats and psychedelic synth, his music is tailored for massive dancefloors.

During these years, he will share the prestigious eclectic trays with renowned artists both commercial and underground, such as: Cassegrain, Angy Kore, The Advent, Industrializer, Electric Rescue, Leeroy Thornhill, The Driver aka Manu Le Malin, Adam X, SNTS, Dolby D, Neil Landstrumm, Woody Mc Bride aka Dj ESP, D’Jamency, Citizen Kain, Tommy DeClerque, Lowkey, Kardinal, Al Ferox, Chris Liberator, Dave The Drummer, Aron Liberator, Arnaud Rebotini, Anton-X, Solaxid, Laurent Ho, Lunatic Asylum, John Lord Fonda, Heretik Crew, SP23, Etc Etc…

He was using some different name when he was begin like Dj Spype, Anatomik, A.N.T, Acid Wanker (his Acid music project) But always MIK IZIF

Here to move your ass…