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#PRHS003 EP : Ambulance EP
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TRACK : Ambulance Original Mix BY : Robert Armani, David Meiser RELEASE : 2020-09-16
! LIMITED EDITION ! AMBULANCE from Robert Armani is one of the old underground Hard/raw techno track ever. pressed on Dance Mania ! Here it comes with a David Meiser Remix on the flip ! Will Olschool win the game ?
#PR012 EP : Point Grey EP
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TRACK : Point Grey BY : Vegim, Maxx Rossi, Mik Izif RELEASE : 2019-03-28
Supeb sound designed techno sound. High Dynamics in a precise precious sound.
#PR011 EP : Various Artist EP
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TRACK : Prepare To Dismount / Cosmic Gravity BY : Kardinal, MidWooder RELEASE : 2018-02-08
2 Massive tunes, cut 45RPM by Simon The Exchange... Massives dancefloor perls, dancefloor at their max !
#PRHS002 EP : Crossing The Line / Single
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TRACK : Crossing The Line (Original Mix) BY : David Meiser RELEASE : 2017-02-10
1 sided coloured blue marbeled LTD 200 copies vinyl from David Meiser... A bloody solid techno tune mastered and cut by The Exchange. Must Have !
#PR010 EP : Rise Of The Machines EP
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TRACK : Rise Of The Machines (Original Mix) BY : David Meiser, Elektrabel, Mik Izif RELEASE : 2017-02-01
Famous Berliner Deejay David Meiser is a rare artist on Vinyl. Physical invite him here to play his Hard Techno Nachstrom and Berlin style... And remixes it in a Broken Perc style... Superb tunes bringing also Locked groove to honour that 10th realese on the center france indie label ! Bloody enjoy ! Masterpiece !
#PR009 EP : Dancefloor Disctator EP
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TRACK : Dancefloor Disctator ( Original Mix) BY : Dolby D, Mikael Pfeiffer, Andreas Kraemer, A. Paul, Niereich RELEASE : 2016-08-09
Physicial is proud to invite Kraemer & Niereich and A. Paul, 2 legendary producers on this EP. A superb mental techno realese, progressive and dak.
#PRHS001 EP : Desert Winds / Single
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TRACK : Desert Winds (Original Mix) BY : Mid Wooder RELEASE : 2015-06-10
LIMITED EDITION ! One fat Techno tune and a bloody well done Locked groove to finish the EP 🙂 at same speed as the tune. Pure vinyl Dj Tool !
#PR008 EP : Snow EP
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TRACK : Static Dimension / Black Monday BY : Mik Izif RELEASE : 2015-05-10
Massive techno sound coming from Mik Izif. Banging bass, melodious lowfreq bassline and slamming charleys will drive the dancefloor up to madness... Even when you believe the kick is there, it is not... the kick grows and grows and grows... Screaminfg crowd passport style !
#PR007 EP : Overload Destruction EP
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TRACK : Overload Desstruction BY : Nicolas Cuer, Mik Izif, Midwooder RELEASE : 2014-07-10
Nicolas Cuer (AFU Lab) deliver here the best Physical so far ! Super Explosive Techno, electro and progressive, mental screwdrivers of a pur energy. The 2 remixes from Mik Izif and Midwooder are pure jewels !
#PR006 EP : Trip France To Canada
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TRACK : Physical Driver Part 1 BY : Mik Izif, Mid Wooder RELEASE : 2013-05-10
Bang Bang ! Techno Electro, loud and kicking, for a maximum efficiency.This Record comes out from a postal project betweed Midwooder and Mik Izif during the Mik Izif Canadian Tour... every real record has a story. (Attention this reacord is NOT avaible for germans custommers).
#PR005 EP : Synthetic Triplet EP
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TRACK : Synthetic Triplet BY : Mid Wooder, Mik Izif, Flex RELEASE : 2013-01-01
Synthetic Triplet is the nu killa techno rave anthem from Midwooder. On the flip we have 2 remixes, a great techno one and a sub bass heavy minimal techno one from Flex.
#PR004 EP : Various Artist EP
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TRACK : Spectrum BY : Midwooder, Mik Izif, Jaja Solo RELEASE : 2012-02-10
Electro techno, progressive and distorted. Pure & dacnefloor 130 BPM killer !
#PR003 EP : Various Artist EP
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TRACK : Delirium / Tuned Pulse BY : Midwooder, D\'Jamency RELEASE : 2012-01-01
Efficient minimal tek sure to fit well with Popof minimal killa style.
#PR002 EP : Various Artist EP
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TRACK : Mogos / Cooba BY : Mik Izif, Mid Wooder RELEASE : 2011-09-10
Alectro techno, twirling progressive stuff.
#PR001 EP : Various Artist EP
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TRACK : Body Control / Infinitium BY : Kardinal, MidWooder RELEASE : 2010-09-10
Minimal electro techno new label from France. Enjoy !